Kurobaa Bamboo Accessories

Bamboo Wipes:

These bamboo terry wipes can be used for anything.

Two layers of bamboo terry.

Soft enough to be used on little faces, and sturdy enough to be used for little bums.

Hankies, wipes, washcloths... whichever these wipes are used for, they'll be perfect for the job.

6.75 x 6.75".

Available in multi-color 4-packs and 8-packs

(one of each color or two of each color respectively)


70% viscose from bamboo / 28% organic cotton / 2% poly

All fabrics are Oeko-tex certified


Bamboo Fleece Boosters:

Kurobaa bamboo fleece boosters are made with three very absorbent layers of bamboo/ organic cotton fleece. They are excellent for increasing the absorbency of your favorite cloth diaper without adding a lot of bulk.

These are the same boosters that are bundled with Kurobaa bamboo fitted cloth diapers.

Five thread colors to match: WINTERMINT (green), SOURBERRY (blue), SUGARPLUM (violet), GRAPEFRUIT (pink), and NATURAL.


70% viscose from bamboo / 30% organic cotton.

 All of our fabrics are Oeko-tex certified.