Kurobaa Bamboo Terry Flats/Pre-Folds


Super versatile Kurobaa Flats/Prefolds (use diaper fold or soaker fold)


THREE LAYERS of very thirsty and absorbent bamboo terry throughout 


70% viscose from bamboo / 28% organic cotton / 2% poly

All fabrics are Oeko-tex certified

These diapers are made from natural materials and will shrink up a little after several washes (and even more so if you opt to regularly tumble dry...see suggested care instructions below).


15 x 15" and stretchy!

For smaller babies (8-15 lbs) our flats can be folded and secured with pins or a Snappi (TM) and used under a wool cover.

For larger babies (10-35 lbs) our flats can be tri-folded and used as an insert for your favorite OS pocket diaper or PUL cover


4 exciting thread colors to match the Kurobaa OS fitted diapers:

WINTERMINT (green), SOURBERRY (blue), GRAPEFRUIT (pink), SUGARPLUM (violet).


When using brand new, natural fiber diapers, it takes 4-5 washes for the fabric to begin reaching peak absorbency because the natural oils in the fibers need to be removed. We recommend warm to hot water washes with detergent to aid in the removal of the natural oils from fabrics. You can start to use them after one wash, but keep in mind, they will continue to increase in absorbency until you've washed them about 10 times.

Standard Care

We recommend limiting loads to approximately 15 OS fitted diapers (or 20-25 flats) at a time in most standard washing machines to allow enough space for agitation and proper cleaning/rinsing of the diapers.

1. Run a prewash on regular cycle with no detergent to remove as urine salts and as much solid waste as possible. Cold water works just fine for this.

2. Run a heavy-duty wash with warm water and detergent. Water temp and detergent needs will differ depending on water type and your washing machine- hot water is fine with flats because there are no elastics that need to be babied. In general hard water supplies need more detergent. We recommend using 1 oz (2 Tbsp) Unicorn Beyond Clean per load in front load machines. To keep your diapers soft and fluffy, add a fabric softener that doesn't cause build-up and repelling issues. We recommend 1/2 to 1 oz of Unicorn Beyond Soft in every load or occasionally depending on your softening needs/preference.

3. Run an extra rinse cycle if necessary. For example, if you feel your rinse water from the first rinse is still producing bubbles or if you've had some issues with skin sensitivity after washing you may need this extra rinse depending on your water and machine type).

4. Hang Shells to dry to extend life of the elastics or tumble dry on low heat.

**These diapers are made with all natural fibers and do require a cover to be worn over them.

For more information on care and/or on Kurobaa products visit them here.