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For the 15% discount on youth loungers please provide us with the three fit photos outlined below for our fit album. When we receive your awesome fit photos (and the return of the extra garment/s in cases where more than one size was tested) we will process the partial refund in the amount of 15% of the full retail price paid.

Submit the photos to us no later than one week after receipt of the garment/s.


1) Front view

2) Side view 

3) Back view

Submission is to be made via email to jess@yookiwool.com (most email programs can handle 25MB of attachments). If needed you can send via separate emails or email me the link to your shared file. Contact us if you need help with this.

Photos should be high-quality images taken with a decent camera (DSLR, iphone, or similar work fine).

Try to get some decent lighting so that we can see the fit of the pants. Outdoors is usually best but if indoor lighting works that's fine too if that's your ownly option.

Less is more. Take the photos with a plain-ish background and minimal distractions/clutter in the photo. House siding/shrubs/walls work well. The idea is for the pants to not blend into the background and for the fit to be the main event going on in the photo.

Take the photos showing the full length of the pant so that we can see part of the torso above the waistband and your feet. Shirtless or with shirt pulled up so that the view of the waistband fit is not restricted.

If you receive two pairs for comparison purposes, please take fit photos in both sizes :) 

Less cropping by you will make it easier for us to make the adjustments we need. If you want to crop your own face out of the photo feel free to do so but this is not necessary. We won't NOT show anyone's face in the fit album and we will be sure to crop when we set up the images. This will be totally anonymous on our website.

If you receive two pairs for comparison purposes, please promptly return the pair that you decide not to keep in clean and unwashed/unused condition. You can try them both on and wear for the fit photos but we ask that you wear them minimally before you decide which to keep.

There will be unique cases where you may need to exchange, etc. Just shoot us an email or send me a pm on facebook and we can discuss. We will need you to help with shipping charges for exchanges if necessary.



1. Be mindful that there is likely going to be a break-in period for these pants.

If you've never worn merino wool leggings we want you to be aware that you might experience some itch with the first few wearings. The wool is extra fine and soft and we promise it will become softer and silkier with wear. It is exactly the same as the merino wool in the baby garments we sell. We like to describe the first few wearings as the break-in period. Like a new pair of leather shoes or a new/crisp pair of jeans...they need to be broken in a little before you reach an optimal level of comfort. After a couple rounds of wearing/washing these leggings, they will feel like soft buttery perfection. If you want, you can lanolize or treat with softener to help lessen any itch during the break-in period.

2. Shrinkage:

When hand washed OR machine washed (wool cycle only) and ONLY AIR DRIED I have not noticed a significant amount of shrinkage with these leggings. They may plump up and tighten slightly but they relax again after you wear them for an hour or two.

With regard to the "machine-washable" leggings (I type this with quotes b/c they are BOTH safe to wash in the machine as long as you use WOOL-CYCLE only) you will only see a significant amount of shrinkage if you decide to tumble them dry (black machine-washable leggings only).

The machine washable leggings (black in this case) will not felt in the dryer but they will shrink up a bit the first 1-2 times you dry them. The amount of shrinkage depends on dryer heat. If you intend to shrink them a little to get a snugger fit then I suggest starting with a low heat setting. If you want more shrinkage after that then you can bump up the heat the next time you dry them to achieve the desired effect. The higher the heat the more shrinkage. If you decide to tumble dry the black leggings I suggest tumbling dry along with a small load so that sufficient tumbling and drying is happening rather than the pants simply plopping up and down in the dryer by themselves.

3. Seams

If you are going for the legging look rather than the jogger look, try to find a size that isn't stretched to the max. The seams on these natural fiber knits are not going to be as strong as standard cotton or athletic leggings that you might be used to doing gymnastics in. You want to be able to squat and move around in them without the crotch/butt seam pulling super tight. At rest there should be some give in the garment so that there isn't excessive stress on the seams with general movement/activity.

If you test the XL and find that it's just not going to work, I am so sorry. You will be able to return the XL leggings for a refund. I'll do my best to offer a larger size next time around if this happens to anyone. It just depends on demand. This test will give us a better idea of where we're at. 


If there are still more questions don't hesitate to email jess@yookiwool.com or send me a pm on facebook "Jessie Luoma"

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