SHORTS LARGE (extra high rise)

Note that this listing is for size large shorts with an extra high rise compared to what is in our size chart. The back rise on these is between 10" and 11" depending on color. Our standard rise on size large is 9.25".

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Made of 100% merino wool. Super soft, squishy and cozy.

All of our garments are knit with clean and safe wool.

Oeko-Tex certified and Woolmark licensed; Deemed free of harmful substances according to global standards as determined by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. 


Handwash in warm/tepid water with wool wash. No bleach or whiteners. Remove excess water by pressing in a towel or spin cycle (only) in washing machine. Lay flat to air dry.

Lanolize as desired to increase moisture and odor control.


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* Yooki garments are sent unwashed (fresh out of the knitting machine). It is normal for the knits to plump up and lose a small amount of size after the first washing (mostly in length). They will also feel even more plush and soft after a wash or two.

* Pilling/fuzzies are normal with new wool knits. With wear, the new wool will shed its loose fibers and result in a fuzzy look in areas with the most friction (knees & bum). The new look of knits can easily be restored with a fabric shaver. The shedding will slow significantly after two to three shaves. 



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