This size qualifies for our TINY WOOL DISCOUNT

MW -designates that the garment is knit with "machine washable" wool. Safe to wash on wool-cycle and tumble dry on low heat.

*** -designates items listed at a discount that were knit with different parameters than our usual garments. See notes below ***

Note that tag on POW! color says "small" but is sized like xs and has a more compact knit than the other variants.

Size Chart 


Made of 100% merino wool. Super soft, squishy and cozy.

All of our garments are knit with clean and safe wool:

Oeko-Tex certified -Deemed free of harmful substances according to global standards as determined by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology.


Handwash in warm/tepid water with wool wash. No bleach or whiteners. Remove excess water by pressing in a towel or spin cycle (only) in washing machine. Lay flat to air dry.

MW garments can be machine washed on handwash/wool cycle with wool wash and then tumbled dry on low.

Lanolize garments as desired to increase moisture and odor control.


Color Archive  

*** Our Fall 2016 batch of knits (shorts released 4/2017) is slightly less compact than our normal knit after the factory tweaked the knitting parameters without our knowledge. These garments will shed slightly more fuzz early on and are a bit more delicate in terms of susceptibility to pulls. We recommend taking a little extra care to avoid pulls and, if you can spare a little sizing, tumbling dry the machine washable variants a couple of times on low-low/medium heat to plump up/tighten the knit (they will not lose their stretch but will lose a small amount of sizing- photos here). More details about this batch of MW wool.


Yooki Shorts Features


* Yooki garments are sent unwashed. It is normal for the knits to plump up and lose a small amount of size after the first wash (mostly in length). They will also feel even more plush and soft after a wash or two.

* Pilling/fuzzies are normal with new wool knits. With wear, the new wool will shed its loose fibers and result in a fuzzy look in areas with the most friction (knees & bum). The new look of knits can easily be restored with a fabric shaver. The shedding will slow significantly after two to three shaves.

A Word of CAUTION/DISCLAIMER regarding multi-colored knits:

We at Yooki have performed our own testing for color fastness of our multi-colored knits prior to selling and have experienced NO issues with color-bleed when washing as suggested (above). Note that everyone has a different water table and for whatever reason certain water types may cause particular dye colors to bleed. For this reason, we cannot be responsible for the results due to each customer's unique water properties.

If you suspect your water is prone to color-bleeding issues or if you are unsure, test out soaking the garment on a small area before submerging the entire garment. We also recommend reducing the water temperature and soak time if you are unsure or worried. Using color-catching sheets during washing/soaking can also help reduce color-bleeding issues and there are also some other unproven tricks like adding a bit of vinegar to the wash water, however, we cannot officially advise on this procedure since we have not tested it.