Cost Comparison: Cloth Diaper Detergents

July 15, 2015

The following table compares the per load cost of various popular cloth diaper washing detergents: Unicorn Beyond Clean, Tide Powder, Bum Genius, Rockin Green Hard Rock, Country Save, Charlie's Powder and Eco Sprouts.
diaper detergent cost comparison

So I know some of you are thinking..."Why on earth would I use the Unicorn Beyond Clean at 65 cents/load when there are several cheaper options!?" The answer is simple: Have you ever paid a premium price for convenience or a more time-savvy option? Time is money in this day and age. Thousands of people pay for high-priced Starbucks coffee every day in order to save themselves the time and headache of brewing their own perfect cup. Moreover, you may actually save some money if you find that you need to supplement your laundry routine with additional products like RLR, Calgon, Funk Rock, Borax, etc.

Unicorn Beyond Clean might not be for everyone but if it works for you and you have fussy water and washing machine conditions, then it's a time saver.

For example, where I live the water is extremely hard and has a tendency to cause build-up issues on our cloth. Some detergents do a much better job than others when it comes to rinsing clean and ultimately preventing build-up and smell issues in these particular water and/or washing conditions.

The key is finding a detergent that is compatible with your water source and your type of washing machine. I have found two options that work well for me. Both Rockin' Green Hard Rock and Unicorn Beyond Clean do a great job in my front load washing machine. I can use these consistently for months with no need to "strip" my diapers. For me the extra cost is worth the time savings and headache of smelly diapers.

If you're having trouble finding a detergent that works well you might want to give the Unicorn Beyond Clean a try.