Adult Merino Wool Loungers

**NOTE:  The 2019 Loungers are discounted due to the possible presence of a seam twist (usually on the left leg). Given that it is impossible to know which pairs will have the issue until they are worn/washed, we discounted ALL of them by 25%. The issue ranges from completely unnoticeable (no flaw) to more severe where the leg seam on the cuff twists to the front of the ankle. Final sale on discounted items.


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Made of 100% merino wool. Super soft and cozy.

All of our garments are made from clean and safe wool.

Oeko-Tex certified -Deemed free of harmful substances according to global standards as determined by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology. 


Handwash in warm/tepid water OR machine wash on WOOL-CYCLE (different from the delicate cycle) with wool wash. Garments designated as machine-washable (MW) can tolerate a delicate cycle without an issue. No bleach or whiteners.

Standard wool garments must be laid flat to air dry. Garments designated as machine-washable can be tumbled dry on low to medium heat. See notes below.*

If hand-washing, remove excess water by pressing in a towel or spin cycle (only) in the washing machine. Lay flat to air dry.

*Garments specifically designated as machine-washable (mw) are also tumble-dry safe. We recommend low heat. Tumble dry with other items for optimal tumbling and more efficient drying. You will notice a bit of shrinkage after the first tumble-drying (similar to a new cotton shirt that you wash/dry for the first couple of times). The majority of the shrinkage is in the vertical direction. The higher the heat the more significant the shrinkage. Mentioning b/c some customers shrink on purpose (for example to make an almost-size xs by shrinking the size small). 




1. Be mindful that some people experience a break-in period for these pants.

If you've never worn merino wool leggings we want you to be aware that you might experience some itch with the first few wearings. The wool is extra fine and soft and we promise it will become softer and silkier with wear. It is exactly the same as the merino wool in the baby garments we sell. We like to describe the first few wearings as the break-in period. Like a new pair of leather shoes or a crisp pair of jeans...they need to be broken in a little before you reach an optimal level of comfort. After a couple of rounds of wearing/washing, your wool leggings will feel like soft buttery perfection. If you find that you are sensitive, you can lanolize or treat with wool softener (Unicorn Beyond Soft/Fibre Rinse) to help reduce any itch during the break-in period.

2. Shrinkage:

When any of our wool is hand-washed OR machine-washed on wool-cycle followed by an AIR DRYING we have not noticed a significant amount of shrinkage with these leggings but they will plump/fluff up after their first wash. This tends to be a little more significant with standard merino (vs those designated as machine washable). We find that the pants relax again after you wear them but it is worth noting that there is a small reduction in size from this initial fluffing of the knit that occurs during the first 1-2 washes. When your wool fluffs up it tends to be more significant in the vertical direction compared to the horizontal direction.

The merino wool that is designated as being machine-washable (MW)  will not felt when machine-washed or tumbled dry but you will notice a bit of shrinkage depending on cycles used and dryer heat. We find that if you want to reduce shrinkage as much as possible, stick with wool-cycle only and air-drying. If you're okay with losing a bit of vertical/inseam length, you can go ahead and wash on delicate-cycle and even tumble them dry on low heat. The harsher the cycle you use and/or the hotter the dryer setting the more shrinkage you will end up with. I like to size up a little and then wash my machine-washable wool on delicate-cycle and tumble dry on low with our other laundry. I see that initial reduction in size but I don't experience additional shrinking after the first round of wash/dry (it all happens the first time I do it). If I were to change it up and dry on hot-heat I might see them shorten a little bit more than they already have.

If you want to intentionally shrink your machine-washable wool pants a little to achieve a better fit, I suggest machine-washing them on the delicate cycle and then air-drying them. If you still want a little bit more shrinkage then wash again and tumble-dry on a low-heat setting. If you want even more shrinkage after that you can bump up the heat the next time you dry to achieve the desired effect. Again, the higher the heat the more shrinkage. IMPORTANT: If you decide to tumble dry the machine-washable leggings, tumble dry with at least a small load (or a full load) so that sufficient tumbling and drying is happening rather than the pants simply plopping up and down in the dryer by themselves.


To intentionally shrink standard merino wool you can do this but you need to do it carefully so that you don't felt the wool and make it stiff and non-stretchy. The first thing you can try is hand-washing the wool pants and then air-drying them half of the way. Follow up by completing the last half of the air-drying in the dryer on a low-heat setting. If you don't have a low-heat setting I wouldn't try this. If you only do this one or two times you should be ok. Be sure to do the low-heat tumble dry with a load of laundry or some lint-free towels so that you get sufficient tumbling action in the dryer. Putting the pants in there alone will not work well.

3. Seams

We recommend wearing as a relaxed to semi-relaxed fit for optimal wear and longevity. If you are going for a legging-type look rather than the jogger look, try to find a size that isn't stretched to the max. The seams on these natural fiber knits are not going to be as strong as a pair of standard cotton or athletic leggings that you might be accustomed to for leggings. You want to be able to squat and move around in them without the crotch/butt seam pulling super tight. At rest, there should be some give in the garment so that there isn't excessive stress on the seams with general movement/activity.

4. Thighs

We all have unique shapes and sizes. Some of us have thighs that lend themselves to thigh-rub issues. If it's never been a problem for you in the past then it is likely that these pants will not be an issue either.

If you experience thigh-rub issues with other pants, these wool pants will probably not be an exception. If you fear that you are susceptible to thigh-thinning based on your past experience with other pants you can still enjoy these wonderful wool loungers, however, we encourage you to take some sort of preventative measure to preserve the integrity of the thigh area. We suggest some kind of reinforcement, most commonly thigh patches, to prevent thinning and premature wear in the thighs. I have several customers that have done this successfully and we can even refer you to a knit repairer that can assist you with this if you are interested in taking preventative measures.

These loungers are long-lasting pants provided that you are mindful of proper sizing and prevention of thinning if this issue applies to you.