Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft & Unicorn Fibre Rinse are the SAME formula and differ only by scent:

Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft = Unscented

Unicorn Fibre Rinse = Mild Lavender Scent

Conditioning rinse leaves your knitwear feeling extra soft and silky.

Keeps cloth diapers fluffy and soft without causing repelling issues.

Use on household laundry too. This softener wont leave behind build-up on your clothing after repeated use like most commercial fabric softeners. Towels and cloth diapers will be soft AND absorbent :) 

  • Pair Unicorn Baby Beyond Soft fabric softener with Unicorn Baby Beyond Clean detergent for the perfect diaper maintenance combo.
  • Save 44% when purchasing by the gallon- Shipped price/oz for single bottle purchase: Gallon= 56¢/oz, 16 oz bottle= $1.00/oz (or 75¢/oz if shipped with free shipping)
  • Biodegradable. No harsh ingredients. No SLS. Allergen Free. Vegan: no animal testing. Gentle on natural fibers. Septic Safe.
  • All Unicorn products are made in facilities FREE from nuts and gluten: safe to use in households with these allergies.
  • Made in the USA.