Infinity Scarves | Merino Wool Scarf


100% Merino wool

Extra fine merino wool is super soft to touch and our MW variants are also machine washable. All scarf variants currently listed are MW except for the Yukon gold color.


Approx. 31-32" long (total circumference 62-64") and 12" wide

Our machine-washable wool (designated as "MW") is NOT coated with polymers.  It's been acid-washed to remove the outermost fiber cuticle leaving it resistant to felting. Can be machine washed (we recommend using wool or delicate-cycle) and even tumbled dry. The warmer the dryer heat the more shrinkage but shrinkage will generally only be 5-15% while remaining soft and stretchy (nothing like standard merino that can shrink by 50% and become stiff when washed/dried).

Hand-wash or machine-wash MW variants on wool or delicate cycle. Air dry standard merino wool OR tumble dry the MW variants on low/medium-heat if you're OK with a small reduction in size. We recommend using Unicorn Fibre Wash to maintain the natural fibers followed by a rinse in Unicorn's Fibre Rinse wool conditioner to leave the wool extra soft and silky.