Yooki family spring 2017
Yooki family: first stocking fall 2015

Hi, I'm Jess, the owner of YOOKI. Mother of two and scientist on hiatus while staying home to take care of my babies. YOOKI is a really small family business that I run from our home in Los Angeles, CA.

The shop’s name is a testament to both my heritage (my Grandma Yuki from Okinawa) as well as my love of wool used in both baby clothing and all other things (Ewe or “yoo” being a female sheep).

YOOKI started as a way for me to fulfill my need to learn and be challenged during my journey as a stay at home parent. While parenting is a huge challenge in itself, I still had a void that needed filling. It ultimately began affecting my mental health so I sought new challenges and outlets for my energy.

While my first was a newborn I developed a passion for cloth diapering and wool. YOOKI was way to bring this passion to production while staying true to my environmentally and socially responsible way of life. I have since become a lover of all things wool and hope to incorporate that into YOOKI's offerings as we grow.
    Let's face it. Wool is expensive. My primary goal is to offer high-end wool and wool-related products at the most affordable price possible.


      • Waste reduction and thoughtfulness is a way of life. We make it a priority and key consideration during our design process and when selecting packaging.
      •  We only purchase garment packing and shipping materials that are made from 100% recycled material. Everything is reusable and recyclable.
      • For more information check out the the mailer bags, clear garment bags, boxes, and packing tape at EcoEnclose.com and the biodegradable greenline minigrip zipper bags.


      We do our part to be socially responsible by donating $1 from each order to charitable organizations that improve the environment, help the underprivileged or prevent animal cruelty. Check out our charity page for more details.


      • We value our customers and make every attempt to keep pricing low without sacrificing quality and responsibility. We want everyone to have access to high quality natural baby products.
      • Our profit-margins are really low, most of which we will re-invest in further development, design and travel to meet and develop relationships with our manufacturers and wool suppliers.
      • We hear you. YOOKI is a new company that strives to improve our products and service. We appreciate any feedback that you may have so we can continue to improve as we grow.

      Thanks for stopping by!