Washing Cloth Diapers with Unicorn Beyond Clean (or Power Scour)

July 09, 2015


I started getting curious when I read the fine print on the Beyond Clean bottle. It states that it "removes soils on diapers." When I asked Unicorn Fibre about it they were excited to tell me about its effectiveness on cloth diapers and laundry in general. As a reference and great source of information they thankfully suggested I get in touch with Heather Seguin of Lilly & Frank. She's the owner and maker for a Canadian cloth diaper company and she's been using Unicorn Beyond Clean on her cloth diapers long-term with no need to strip them. Ever.

Heather was kind enough to share her diaper laundry routine with me (below). I've been following this routine for the past three years and I'm happy to report that the Unicorn detergent is working well and without flaw; no rashes, no stinks, no problems!

Although Unicorn might be a bit more expensive than some of the other options: I really believe this is one of this "you get what you pay for" situations. I think it's a great option for those who are having a difficult time finding an effortless cloth diaper laundry routine. I'm not saying it's a solution for everyone but I think it's worth a try if you're struggling. It could save you the time of troubleshooting your laundry which could be better spent with your littles or catching that much-needed nap. In my experience, it also eliminates the need to routinely strip your diapers of build-up which is a time and money saver.

Instructions for using Unicorn Beyond Clean to wash cloth diapers in a front-load washing machine:

1. Keep loads to between 12-15 diapers

2. Run one regular wash with warm water and NO detergent. This acts as a "pre-wash" to wash away most of the solids and water-soluble contaminants.

3. Add 1 oz (2 Tablespoons) Unicorn Beyond Clean or Unicorn Power Scour to the soap dispenser. Optional - Add 1/2 to 1 oz (1-2 Tablespoons) of Unicorn Beyond Soft or Unicorn Fibre Rinse to the softener dispenser (I use 1 oz Beyond Soft in every other load to keep the diapers soft and fluffy).

4. Run a heavy duty cycle on warm with the detergent added in step 3

5. Tumble dry on no heat or Hang to dry and air fluff in dryer w/ no heat or extra extra low heat to preserve the elastics in your cloth diapers. If your diapers are flats or do not have elastic it is safe to tumble dry with heat; we recommend low heat.

For an unbeatable shipped price on Unicorn products check out  YOOKI's Unicorn Cloth Diaper Laundry Set or consider a gallon size for the best price per ounce on Unicorn Beyond Clean and Power Scour.


It might take 2-3 washes with the Unicorn in order to strip away old funk and detergent build-up.

If you feel like your diapers are super smelly after the first wash, it is likely the old build-up that you are smelling. We recommend that you persist and try washing the diapers another 1-2 times with the Unicorn in order to completely wash away the old detergent build-up. Once you get through this process it should be smooth sailing.


If you have a top loading machine you would follow the instructions here except the amount of Unicorn Beyond Clean or Unicorn Power Scour would need to be adjusted to account for the higher water load. Start with 1 T. of detergent per gallon of water. See manual for your washing machine model to determine how many gallons of water are used per load. Be sure the volume of the load is such that the diapers are being pulled inward and down by the agitator.