Lavender sachets for wool storage 

  • naturally repels moths and other insects
  • lavender buds are USDA certified organic: this lavender is safe to eat if you want
  • non-toxic, unbleached sachet bags

Toss a couple of these in your wool bin/drawer to impart a light lavender scent and most importantly keep those pesky moths away.

One or two sachets per drawer should be enough for repelling insects. Use more if you prefer a stronger scent.

For long term wool storage, give the wool a deep cleaning to wash away lanolin, oil and dirt build-up. After the garments are completely dry we like to put the clean woolies in pillow cases (not necessary but an extra barrier for dust, etc.) and then in a storage bin that is not air tight (no rubber seal on lid). Drawers are fine too. As long as the wool can breathe. Then add a couple of lavender sachet bags and store until needed again.