Ingredients: Solid USP grade lanolin and fragrance oil or essential oil where indicated. Not for breastfeeding.

Lanolize your woolie diaper covers and garments for added moisture and odor control.

New ECO-Friendly Zipper Bag option- A resealable durable bag with 85% less plastic waste compared to the jar option. BPA FREE. Food-safe bag.


All-Natural Scents are entirely derived from natural sources and contain no synthetic components. Phthalate free.

If you want scented lanolin but can't decide try a sampler set. Currently all of our sampler sets were prepared for Yooki by Sweet Tea 'N Biscuits. In the near future we will update our sampler line with scented lanolin made by Yooki.


Basic Emulsifying/Lanolizing:


Prepare a mug of hot/boiling water. Less is more: you generally do not need more than 4-6 fluid ounces of water unless you are mixing up a huge batch of emulsified lanolin.

Add solid lanolin and allow to melt (~1 teaspoon per garment is a good starting point).

While lanolin is melting add emulsifying cube/s, lanolin soap or a few drops of wool wash. If you use the Yooki emulsifying soap, 5-8 grams of soap/teaspoon solid lanolin works pretty well if you are using 4-6 oz water to make your emulsion. Allow emulsifying soap or cubes to melt too.

After a minute or two, when everything is completely melted, begin stirring. A back and forth motion creates more turbulence and is more efficient than a circular stirring motion.

The solution will become frothy and change from a translucent liquid to a milky opaque solution with no yellow film floating on top at rest: when this occurs the lanolin has been emulsified and can be added to your tepid water bath.

If your emulsifying soap is already milky looking to begin with stir well for at least a minute to completely emulsify the lanolin before adding to your water bath. If you notice a layer of melted lanolin forming on top of the solution you may need to add a bit more emulsifying soap and repeat the stirring to completely emulsify.

When completely emulsified, stir into your tepid water bath to distribute.

Add your woolies.

Let soak in the lanolin solution for at least 30 mins.

Rinse in warm tepid water if desired. Remove excess water by gently squeezing and then pressing in a towel or spinning in your machine. Lay flat to air dry.