The Baby Beyond Fibre wash and the standard Fibre Wash are identical in formula and differ only by the addition of fragrance:

Unicorn Baby Beyond Fibre Wash = Fragrance Free/Unscented

Unicorn Fibre Wash = Mild Lavender Scent

Perfect for regular maintenance washing and refreshing of wool diaper covers and delicate knitwear.

Recommended dilution is 0.5 oz/gallon wash water (1 Tbsp/gallon)

  • Effective on everyday knits and delicate hand-knits
  • Rinses easily.
  • Works well in hard or soft water at any temperature.
  • The ultimate in everyday care and preservation. Safe to use on any natural or synthetic fiber.
  • Can be used on household laundry for everyday cleaning (he washer safe). For a deeper cleaning of smelly or dirtier household laundry (gym clothes/work clothes/sour burp cloths/stains) try Beyond Clean/Power Scour.
  • Save 40% when purchasing by the gallon- Shipped price/oz for single bottle purchase: Gallon= 67¢/oz, 16 oz bottle= $1.11/oz (or 86¢/oz if shipped with free shipping)
  • Biodegradable. No harsh ingredients. No SLS. Allergen Free. Vegan: no animal testing. Gentle on natural fibers. Septic Safe. Rinses clean leaving behind no residue. No fillers. Non-yellowing. Good for hard or soft water.
  • All Unicorn products are made in facilities FREE from nuts and gluten: safe to use in households with these allergies.
  • Made in the USA