Soft organic merino wool dress made of Engel's special wool terry fabric or fine ribbed knit (wool/silk blend).

Dress is a tank style dress (pictured with a long sleeve undershirt).

Organic wool farmed from stress and pesticide free merino sheep. GOTS and Naturtextil iVN certified.

Made in Germany.

The Red Engel Wool Leggings compliment the grey/blue/red dress perfectly.


These articles are machine washable at 30ºC (86ºF). Best practice is to use a natural fiber safe detergent/wool wash such as Unicorn Fibre Wash or Unicorn Beyond Clean. For added silkiness and softness add Fibre Rinse to fabric softener compartment of your machine.

Lay flat to air dry.

Wool is naturally odor resistant and antibacterial so washing is not necessary after every wear.



Blue/Red/Gray Dress:

100% Organic Wool (TERRY DRESS)

Terry loops on the inside of this garment.


Saffron/Walnut Ribbed Knit Dress:

70% Wool, 30% Silk




Youth Engel sizing is generally based on the child's height in CM (Euro sizing).

The ages are approximations; using the child's height in CM is more accurate. Please contact us if you need help.

For Youth sizing where there is one number, this is meant to be considered the shortest height at which that sizing starts. For example, size 92 would fit a child that is 92 CM tall and up (~92-104 CM).

50/56 (0-3m)

62/68 (3-6m)

74/80 (6-12m)

86/92 (12-24m)

98/104 (2-3T)

110/116 (3-4T)

92 (2-3Y)

104 (3-4Y)

116 (5-6Y)

128 (7-8Y)

140 (9-11Y)

152 (12Y)

164 (14Y)

176 (16Y)